diumenge, 17 de maig de 2015

My English Competence in 2015

If I had to apply for university or work I would choose my best oral and written evidence, which are:

Written evidence:
Oral evidence:

I have choosen these evidence because I think that they show the best my English level and my personal life, my goals, hopes and my personality.
Firstly, the written evidence is divided in paragraphs linked with discourse markers and correct puntuation signs. I haven't used the same vocabulary and I tried to use some different connectors (Plus, due to...). I was very inspired when I wrote it and I was a little bit confused about my future, so I just let go all my feelings go into it. In conclusion, I decided to choose this post because it exposes my plans for the future and my goals.
Secondly, the oral evidence demonstrates my pronunciation and fluency while speaking English.

To sum up, I don't consider that these evidences shows my best level because I know that now after reading it another time there are a few things I would change, like the structure, some vocabulary, connectors...

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